Business Solutions Setup

This is a customized design, creating systems to keep in place for your business, so you are organized, and have access to all the information you need at any time. Either You can keep track of it, or I can. I can design you new business operating system and leave it all up to you to keep track of, or you can pay a monthly service fee, and I will keep track of it for you. This process will help make tax time easier, and any information you need to provide your specialized services will be at your fingertips at any time.

-Business Solutions Setup Fee - (with monthly contract) $250

-Business Solutions Setup Fee - (without monthly contract) $500

-Monthly service fee with contract - fee customized depending on workload

Stepping into the 21st century

We can create or update your website, set up electronic payment systems & overall modernize the way you conduct your business. -fee based on hours required

One Time Projects

One Time Project (5hrs or less) $30/hr

One Time Project (10hrs or less) $25/hr

One Time Project (20hrs or more) $20/hr

When you use CLIP Services, everything is completely customized to you and your business. The ultimate goal is for your business to make more money, save money and save you time. The intention is that with the added business you are able to take on with my help, CLIP's service fees become inconsequential. I will help you build your business, because I am invested in you!



Cost priced according to length of trip & destination

Going on a trip? Enjoy traveling like a local? Don't want to spend more than you should? Want to know where to eat and what to see? I'm your girl! You have tapped into one if my favorite things to do. For all of my new clients, now that you have some free time, it's time for a vacation!! Let me make something happen for you, I will research, plan, and prepare you for your adventure. Traveling is an irreplaceable educational journey, and it is THE thing that I believe is life's greatest reward. Let me plan your trip for you, You deserve it! I promise, you'll be glad you did.